Snowboarding For Beginners

Make sure to buy your boots and equipment basics. Rubber boots is the most important gear on snowboarding. It is…

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Snowboard Maintenance

When you buy a new snowboard it is initially waxed. But when time comes your snowboard needs waxing. Some signs…

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Snowboarding Moves

Nose and Tail Press Get low on your board and use your knees and ankles to press. The key is…

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Snowboard Video Game

Steep: Road to the Olympics is an add-on game or expansion to the ogriginal steep game. Is it an open…

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Snowboarding Tricks

Wow this video is sick. Its amazing the tricks these guys can pull off on thier snowboards. Look at that…

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Olympic Halfpipe

Wow take a look at this awesoome snowboaring video. This was from the half pipe eveny in the last olympic…

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Snowboard HalfPipe

Take a look at these awesome pics from the halfpipe contest at world snowboard bardonecchia 08

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Snowboarding with Wii Fit

Wow this viral video stuff is going crazy. I have seen so many version of this hot girl Snowboarding with…

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Shaun White Videos

Check out Shaun White snowboarding here. He is really ripping it up .


Snowboard Powder Pics

Here are some awesome snowboarding pics to get this site started. I love the snowboarding tracks

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