Snowboarding Moves

Nose and Tail Press

Get low on your board and use your knees and ankles to press. The key is to get and almost sitting on top of your board. See if you can bounce to one foot and the other.

Ollies and Nollies

Ollies and nollies are much easier. In a nose press and tail press position you are in a good spot for the ollie and nollie. Go from that press nose or tail and jump from that position.


Our next move is spinning. We are not going to jump or air, we are going to spin on slope. You can start your spin as you turn. Turn your head and shoulder plus hips in order to rotate. The important thing is to make sure your head is looking up over your shoulder continuously.


Shifty are great all over the place. It is a great way to scrub speed without changing your trajectory. Shifty is simply a counter rotated movement where your upper body and lower body fo opposite direction.